Building on Palmerston's tech savvy community, Council adopted a Digital Strategy which identifies that enabling social value through technology is critical for the future of Palmerston.

Project information

The Smart Cities project focuses on using smart technology to make our community safer and more liveable.

The program will address overcoming Palmerston’s growth challenges and capturing innovative opportunities, with a focus on crime and antisocial behaviour; delivering more efficient community-based services; providing greater transparency and accountability and contribute to a more sustainable Palmerston.

The identified outcomes of the project are to:

  • Reduce crime and antisocial behaviour, through smart technology (such as CCTV and smart LED technologies) to deter and provide support to policing entities.
  • To continue to build on our existing CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles to address better lighting in crime hotspots, to provide a deterrent for criminal behaviour and to provide better visibility to police.
  • Contribute to sustainability and environmental resources by monitoring, optimising and enhancing service delivery for water resources.
  • Enhance community services through the delivery of more effective and efficient services.
  • Enhance engagement with the community through online services, electronic forms, apps and data availability.
  • Improve waste management service delivery through effective and efficient monitoring and collection.
  • Establish an open data portal publication catalogue and enable regional innovation opportunities.
  • Extend transparency and accountability of Council business to the community through open data.
  • Enhance community engagement through a smart city platform, open data portal and engagement opportunities throughout the program.

The target outcomes of the project are in line with Council’s Digital Strategy:

  • Safe and Sound: deliver a safer community 
  • Connect and Enable: not connected is not an option 
  • Interact and Engage: facilitate better outcomes for the community 
Cost and duration

$2 million over 18 months.

  • $1 million - funding secured from the Australian Government Smart Cities and Suburbs Program
  • $500,000 - in principle support from the Northern Territory Government
  • $500,000 - committed from City of Palmerston
  • fighting crime and anti-social behaviour, including information sharing with the Northern Territory Police
  • efficient waste management
  • environment sustainability
  • better engagement with the community
  • position Palmerston as the Territory's e-City facilitates regional collaboration
  • scalable project (elements can be developed and rolled out over time)


Current status  

Current progress of works include but is not limited to:

  • Establishing the probity framework
  • Updating the Project Management Plan
  • Defining success criteria

Major project works will commence in August 2019 and be completed by June 2020.


Project gallery

Photos L to R: CCTV and LED Lights in Goyder Square, smart digital signage, e-gaming - youth events such as Geekfest, smart waste management