Reinvigoration of areas must consider more than just the green elements factors such as economic and cultural opportunities. It must also focus on creating safe precincts to facilitate liveable communities. 

Project information

4,700 street and public lights throughout Palmerston will be replaced with smart LED luminaires as part of Council’s Accelerated Smart LED Street and Public Lighting Replacement Program.  

This replacement program has the potential to be transformational project for the City by reducing power expenditure and improving liveability via the range of benefits that would result from LED lighting and smart controls over traditional lighting. 

Smart controls will also be fitted, allowing Council to manage the lighting in real time through software, which will know whether each light is operational when fixed, provide asset management and maintenance data, and remotely dim or brighten lighting.

The project will provide savings after associated costs, in the order of magnitude of $2.59 million in savings over 12 years which will be utilised to improve lighting in the City.

Cost and duration

Council has committed a total of $3.65 million to the project. Council has awarded contracts to the delivery of this project to the estimated value of $3 million. 

The project has an expected city-wide completion period of 15 months. 

  • complements Smart Cities project
  • fights crime and provides a safer city for families
  • reduces carbon emissions by 64%
  • creates local jobs
  • reduces electricity costs by 46%
  • returns savings for use in new and additional capital projects
  • encourages active transport and healthy lifestyles 


Current status

Click here to view the public lighting LED upgrade progress map

In January 2019 Council held an industry briefing for potential installers of the new luminaires. The briefing was well attended with 15 companies represented. Representatives from Power Water Corporation and Merit Partners (Council’s Probity Auditors) were also present.

Following this, Council released two public request for tenders being for: Public Lighting LED Luminaires Supply and Installation of LED Luminaires and Associated Equipment.

Council has now completed the process and award contracts as follows:

  • Installation of LED Luminaires and associated equipment has been awarded to Northern Territory based electrical company ESPEC.
  • Public lighting LED Luminaires supply has been awarded to a panel of three suppliers being Light Source Solution, OrangeTek and Philips.

Installation works will commence in April 2019, with older suburbs being highest priority.

Roll-out program: list of suburbs 
  • Moulden
  • Driver
  • Gray
  • Woodroffe
  • Marlow Lagoon 
  • works to move to eastern suburbs


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