Please find below a list of forms and permit applications available by Council.

How to complete an online form

  1. Save the online form to your desktop
  2. Open the form on your desktop, complete all mandatory field and save the form.
  3. Attach the completed form to your email and send to

Please note: not all forms can currently be filled out online.



Customer action request
Correct personal information application
Review of a decision application
Waive or reduce fees application
Disability parking permit application/renewal
Infringement review request 

Request for City of Palmerston information
Information: applying to access information held by council
Information: privacy policy

Information: privacy process

Request for personal information




Busking permit

Display a banner

Facilities booking
Palmerston Recreation Centre (online booking)
Graffiti removal voucher
Goyder Square TV request

Smoothie Bike loan

Grant/Donation: requests up to $500
Grant/Donation: requests $501 to $2000
Grant/Donation: requests in excess of $2000
Scholarship application
Sponsorship application

Building and planning


Building development pre-approval application for driveway and/or stormwater plan approval
Council to undertake driveway construction
Clearance of development conditions
Driveway reimbursement
Signs permit application-renewal (current signs code)

Work on public places



Dog registration 
Notice of change of postal address
Notice of change of dog details
Statutory declaration-desexing
Barking complaint



Notice of change of postal address
Direct debit request
Rates account authority
Rates refund request

Waste management


Request for change in waste collection service