From 1 July 2019, Council will be making changes to parking in the City Centre. These changes will include: 

  • Free parking will be introduced in timed restricted parking areas (1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour areas), subject to a valid ticket being displayed.
  • The regulated hours for parking will be reduced to 8.00am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday, for greater convenience. 
  • Free parking will continue to be available on weekends and public holidays, with no daily time limit.
  • All-day parking permits will be made available for three-month periods (in addition to the 12-month or pro-rata remaining duration permit option). 
  • Parking meter programming will be changed to restrict a new ticket from being issued within a timed parking area if a ticket has already been obtained and the time limit reached. This will be linked to the vehicle registration number to ensure turnover is being achieved.

To read more about the changes, and why please feel free to read through the Palmerston City Centre Background Report, Strategy and Implementation Plan

In the meantime, between now and 1 July 2019, details on Council’s current parking arrangements are provided below:

Current parking regulation

The hours of paid parking operation are Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, with free untimed parking in all zones on weekends and public holidays.

Current Parking Charges

Charges currently apply in both on-street and off-street parking areas. There are two paid parking zones within the city centre:

  • Zone A: 2-hour parking - $1.80 per hour (maximum 2 hours)
  • Zone B: All day parking - $1.00 per hour up to a maximum charge of $4.00 (all day)

Please observe and obey all signage as time restrictions do vary within the car parks.

The following areas are free of charge for parking: 

  • Disabled parking bays (must display valid disability permit)
  • Motorcycle parking bays
  • Loading zones (goods vehicles)
  • Taxi and minibus zones; and
  • Parking areas signed as 1 hour or less

Please note: vehicles displaying a valid disability permit are permitted to park in Council managed on and off-street parking for twice the maximum time zone.

Parking permits

Annual all-day parking permits are available at a cost of $400.00 (pro-rata quarterly fees available) and can be purchased from Customer Services at Council’s Civic Centre. Please note: a permit does not guarantee a parking spot.

From 1 July 2019, the option to purchase a 3 month parking permit will be available for $100.   

Ticket machines

All ticket machines will accept both coins and credit card payments.

The machines and car parks are clearly marked with signage indicating the zone, time restriction and the applicable rate.

Drivers should check ticket machines carefully to ensure they pay the correct fee and abide by the time restrictions. The purchased ticket will need to be clearly displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard.

From 1 July 2019, you will be able to obtain your ticket FOR FREE from the ticket machine when parking in a 1 hour, 2 hour of 4 hour restricted parking area. This must be displayed on your dash to ensure you don’t receive an infringement. This will help Council ensure that parking restrictions are being complied with, and that turn over is being achieved in parking areas with the highest demand. 

One of the changes to the ticket machines (for 1 hour, 2 hour and 4 hour restricted parking areas), will be the requirement to enter your vehicle’s registration number. This will allow your vehicle to park in the time-restricted area up until you have reached the time limit. After you have reached the time limit for that parking area, a new ticket will not be issued for your vehicle’s registration number. This is to prevent meter-feeding and ensure turn over is being achieved in our parking areas. 

Why all the change?

These changes seek to achieve better utilisation of parking areas in the City Centre, improve parking turn over, and align with best practice. 

These changes will also allow Council to collect more data on how parking is used in our City Centre to deliver effective parking which balances the needs of the community and supports the success of our City Centre. 

Council will be continuing to monitor how parking operates in the city centre, with quarterly surveys on parking occupancy and turn-over. This will allow Council to gauge how effective the changes are, and inform any further changes that may be required. 


Map: Changes to parking time limits 
Map: Parking time limits effective as at March 2019 

Map: city centre car parking
Map: zone B (all day parking)
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