All trees in public places are protected under Council's by-laws.

It is illegal to remove, prune, damage or destroy trees on public property and offenders can be prosecuted. It is community and a Council responsibility to protect our environment.

The trees on nature strips are in public places and belong to Council no matter who planted them.

An inspection of all streets is conducted twice per year, in August to prepare for the wet season and in April after the wet season.

Trees that are unsafe/main trunk broken or tree roots moving will be removed. Branches require pruning if overhanging road or footpath. A clearance of 2.1m in height and 1m from road or path is required.

Council can prune and trim trees on request after an inspection has been undertaken. 

If residents have any problems with trees on Council property, contact:
Technical Services-Open Spaces
p: (08) 8935 9955

Residents are urged to contact Police if they see someone vandalising a tree.