Creating and maintaining green spaces through plantings and landscaping will improve the environment, and liveability for the community. 

Green open spaces and urban forests are considered key social and environmental infrastructure for a sustainable city.  Landscaped spaces and corridors create visual appeal and cool our streets, homes and buildings, reduce stormwater runoff, and support physical and mental health of residents, biodiversity, social and recreational activities.

Project information

Tree planting is occurring in numerous locations in response to tree loss from Tropical Cyclone Marcus as well as where additional planting opportunities are present.


$300,000 over 12 months.

  • $150,000 - committed from City of Palmerston
  • $150,000 - funding secured from the Northern Territory Government


Current status

Locations where additional planting has occurred includes the Palmerston CBD, Temple Terrace median, and larger parks that sustained tree loss in the cyclone.

From October-December 2018 Council planted 128 trees. Approximately 30 trees have been planted during 2019, with plans for a further 368 trees to be planted during the January-March quarter. 

Farrar Boulevard landscaping is expected to be underway in February 2019, with further planting planned for Buscall Avenue and Emery Avenue.