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Programs and Events

Pet Desexing and Microchipping Program 

Responsible pet owners ensure their pets are desexed and microchipped. Desexing helps prevent dog and cat overpopulation and can help to reduce nuisance behaviours such as roaming and barking. Microchipping your pet can assist Council Rangers get them home to you quicker if lost.

City of Palmerston is offering a subsidised pet desexing and microchipping for Palmerston pet owners, with the following options available:

  • Concession card holders can receive a voucher to cover the full cost 
  • All other residents can receive a voucher covering $120 of the cost

Please note, dogs must be registered with Council to be eligible. If your pet is not microchipped at time of surgery, it will be required to be microchipped. Residents are responsible to get their pets to and from the vet clinic for their appointment. Council does not cover the cost of any extras, eg. fluids, Elizabethan collar for males. 

More information
To see if you're eligible, contact City of Palmerston’s Animal Education Officer: 
Phone: 8935 9977