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Ordinary Council meetings are generally held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 5.30pm in Council Chambers, Civic Plaza.

These meetings are open to the public and the City of Palmerston encourages residents to attend and observe the formal discussions and decisions of Council.

Please note: physical distancing requirements must still be met when attending meetings. 

Public forums

Open public forums are held prior to each ordinary Council meeting at 5.00pm in the Council Chambers, Civic Plaza.

These sessions provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere for general discussion. The community is encouraged to attend and raise issues, ask questions or simply inform Council of their views relating to a particular matter.

Please note: physical distancing requirements must still be met when attending the forums. 

Public questions

Members of the public are able to submit public questions to Council which are considered at the ordinary Council meetings each month. Public question time will only be applicable to ordinary Council meetings.

Complete the question form and submit to the Chief Executive Officer by 12.00 noon the business day prior to the ordinary meeting, to allow time for a response to be provided.


Council has 3 committees:

  • CEO Performance Appraisal which undertakes the performance appraisal of the Chief Executive Officer and makes recommendations to the Council.
  • Risk Management and Audit which is responsible for reviewing corporate governance, particularly controls over revenue expenditure and assets of Council.
  • Administrative Review which undertakes reviews in accordance with Part 18.1 of the Local Government Act.

At the Ordinary Council Meeting of May 1 2018, Council resolved in Decision Number 9/0036 to abolish the standing committees being Governance and Organisation, Community, Culture and Environment and Economic Development and Infrastructure, with all officer reports being presented to Ordinary Meetings of Council.

Reviewable decisions

The following categories are designated by the Local Government Act (NT) as reviewable decisions:

  • A decision by the council or a council committee to reject an application for the correction of an entry in the assessment record (Section 154 (6));
  • A regulatory order (Section 196);
  • A decision to refuse to suppress a person’s name or address (or both) from publicly available material (Section 201 (5)).

City of Palmerston has not resolved any other category of decision as reviewable.

To apply for the review of a decision please complete the application form. 

List of Reviewable Decisions: Nil


Review of an Administrative Decision