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Together Soon Enough…from Adelaide to Palmerston…to the rest of the world

In these uncertain times, sometimes a simple message can be all that it is needed to connect and bring people together, and art and creativity are often the pathway for this to be shared. 

Bearing the words Together Soon Enough, a new mural by well-known Adelaide artist, Peter Drew has popped up in the Palmerston city centre.

With permission and guidance from the artist, City of Palmerston was pleased to support his latest project and reproduce the mural message for the community of Palmerston.   

The image has a simple message which has been inspired by our human need for physical affection. 
Particularly in times of crisis such as these, it is a message that resonates with many people around the world.

Many people may be familiar with Peter Drew’s work as his posters are recognised Australia-wide. His ‘Real Australians Say Welcome’ and ‘Aussie’ campaigns have taken on a life of their own, attaining cult status and starting conversations all over the country.  

“I think everyone is going through the same thing, and that’s discovering how much we need each other and how that closeness is something we long for when it’s taken away,” Peter says.  “It’s ironic that in order to protect the ones we love, we have to be distant from them.” 

“The mural is a wonderful symbolic gesture that shares our feelings about these unusual times. Even though we are lucky that here in the Territory our services are starting to reopen, many of us are still separated from family and friends in other states and countries. We are sharing artist Peter Drew’s mural as a message of hope to our loved ones, wherever they may be,” said City of Palmerston Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell. 

The mural is located beside the Palmerston Recreation Centre outdoor court, Hillson Street.  

Stop by and take a photo to share with someone you love and be sure to tag #togethersoonenough and #creativepalmerston. 

Discover more about Peter Drew and his work by visiting peterdrewarts.com 

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