City of Palmerston set on improving community satisfaction

City of Palmerston’s annual Community Satisfaction Survey will launch on 13 August 2020 with a focus on listening to the community’s needs, ideas and feedback. 

This year’s survey will be consistent with 2019 to ensure Council can measure changes in sentiment and data trends. A series of additional questions have been added to identify topical issues and opportunities and can be changed each year depending on community and Council priorities. 

“The community’s overall satisfaction score in 2019 was an improvement from the previous year, and we are hoping to continue this upward trend in 2020,” Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell said. 

“City of Palmerston is here for the community so it’s important to gather genuine feedback on how we are doing, what we can be doing better and what our residents would like to see Council focus on.” 

“Some of the additional questions we will be asking this year are about identifying issues that are most important to residents in their local neighbourhood, to help us understand local targets for areas of improvement.”

The annual Community Satisfaction Survey is part of City of Palmerston’s commitment to engaging with the community. The results from the survey will be presented in a report to Council in October 2020 and will help inform the 2021 Community Plan and the Municipal Plan and Budget 2021/22. 

The survey will be open for up to 4 weeks and will be conducted over the phone and online. It was previously scheduled to run in March 2020 but was rescheduled so Council could focus on responding to the COVID-19. 

For more information or to take the survey, visit 

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