City of Palmerston leading the way to become a more inclusive, diverse and accessible city  

City of Palmerston will develop an Inclusive, Diverse and Accessible policy framework to ensure Council’s policies, programs and infrastructure are more inclusive of all members of the community, regardless of their background or situation. 
Central to the vision of Palmerston as a place for people, City of Palmerston is committed to creating a community where all people are given equal rights to access public infrastructure and services. This means ensuring everyone regardless of age, ability, culture, language, gender, educational background or sexual identity, can participate in all areas of life and have the same opportunities to fulfil their potential as other members of the Palmerston community.

A more inclusive approach includes removing barriers to participation for people with a disability, strategies to ensure everyone has a voice in the community and ensuring greater access to mainstream services, infrastructure and activities.

In 2016, Council adopted a Disability Access Strategy. As part of the Inclusive, Diverse and Accessible policy framework, Council will review and update the Disability Access Strategy to ensure it meets the needs of the community and visitors and reflects the key elements of the Community Plan. 

In 2019, Council developed the City of Palmerston Community Plan that established the following elements:
-    Palmerston is a welcoming, vibrant city that fosters diversity and unity
-    in Palmerston, everyone belongs
-    in Palmerston, everyone is safe.

Council will engage with key stakeholders as part of its review of the Disability Access Strategy.

Council’s Inclusive, Diverse and Accessible policy framework and updated Disability Access Strategy will be presented to the Second Ordinary Meeting in November 2020.

Quote from City of Palmerston Alderman Mick Spick

“Palmerston is a community where everyone has a right to belong, feel safe and participate. We have a responsibility to lead the way in this space by ensuring our services, infrastructure and policies reflect an inclusive approach at all times.”

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