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Community Benefits from Council's Support

The City of Palmerston’s Community Benefit Scheme (CBS) 2018/2019, supported 26 community groups to deliver community initiatives, programs and events that benefitted the community. The Scheme also supported 37 Palmerston individuals to represent Palmerston or the Northern Territory in individual or team sporting or other challenges.

A combined total of $114, 536 was successfully awarded through grants, scholarships, sponsorship and donations for the financial year 2018/2019, with the annual CBS increased by 30% in 2018/2019 to $130,000.

Included in the successful funding applications for 2019/2020 was The Zimbabwe Darwin Community Association, who received $2,000 in sponsorship towards the 2019 Zimpride Football (Soccer) event in April this year. This event saw twelve teams from around Australia travel to the Northern Territory to participate.

The Litchfield/Palmerston Rotary was successful in receiving $4,000 to take part in the Buddy Bench program where they installed 10 buddy benches in Palmerston Schools. A ‘Buddy Bench’, which is also known as a friendship bench is a special place within a school playground where a child can go when they want someone to talk to or play with.

Individuals representing Palmerston in sporting competitions received $9,000 in funding and several three-year funding programs to support annual events, including ANZAC Day Services in Palmerston were also awarded.

City of Palmerston provides funding to eligible community groups that offer activities, projects and services that assist Council to deliver on Palmerston’s vision as “A Place or People. Council is currently reviewing the CBS to make accessing the funding easier for the community. Council has also committed to an additional allocation of $20,000 specifically for environmental sustainability initiatives and a $5,000 Graffiti busting fund for 2019/2020.

To find out more about how to apply for funding though the CBS, people can visit the City of Palmerston website, www.palmerston.nt.gov.au