City of Palmerston must comply with the Information Act (NT), which includes the Information Privacy Principles.

What it means

You can apply to view information held by City of Palmerston.
You can be assured that your personal information is protected.
You can apply to correct information held by Council that you believe to be incorrect.

Accessing information 

To access information held by Council, you need to fill in an application form. Your application will be assessed on the basis of how much time Council staff will spend working on your request.

You will then be given a quote for costs associated with the request. In order for your request to be completed, you will need to pay a 50% deposit of the quoted amount.

Once this payment has been made, Council will complete your request, which may take several weeks, depending on the information you have requested. However, you will not be provided with the information until you have paid the outstanding balance.

All fees associated with Information Act requests are in accordance with the Information Regulations. There is no application fee if you are only accessing your own personal information.

What if someone wants information about you?

If a request for information includes personal information about another person, Council will make reasonable attempts to contact the third party for permission to release the information. However, there may be times when the information is released or not released even if Council has been unable to contact the third party.


For full details of the Information Act and Privacy Principles, contact the Office of the Information Commissioner.
p: (08) 8999 1500


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