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Learn how to get into Cosplay


Join Punzie and Whereisdanielle to learn about the world of Cosplay where you step into the shoes (and costume) of your favourite super hero, anime character or video game character! In this webinar you’ll get insights about where to begin, what kind of materials to use, where you can get materials from, tips and tricks in pulling your costume together and the importance of having fun with your role play.

Whereisdanielle is globally renown for her Overwatch and Halo creations, and has built a reputation with industry working officially for Blizzard and showing casing her passion for popular video game characters, you can see her work here www.instagram.com/whereisdanielle/

Punzie is well known for her anime, super hero and performance cosplay. With a global reputation in the Love Live! anime fandom world, you can see her work here:  www.instagram.com/punzie.t

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