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Learn how to become a Esports Competitor

AEL Esports

Interested in Esports? Interested in learning about the player side of competitive gaming? Join HeyKatie and Doctor as they talk about Esports and provide an insight into playing competitive video games. 

Heykatie is a competitive FPS player who has travelled internationally and competed in some of the biggest tournaments around the world. Heykatie has been playing professionally since 2010 and is still going strong as he competes in local Valorant tournaments and coaches individual players. You can check out HeyKatie in action on his Twitch or follow his Twitter

Doctor, previously a player himself, has coached teams and is now the general manager for Warriors Esports, the Esports division of the New Zealand Warriors. Doctor has been in the scene since 2016, has travelled internationally and worked in team houses. You can keep up to date with Doctor and the Warriors Esports on Twitch and Twitter

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