The package tile
Goyder Square

Alone but for a bed and window of animated stars, a frail old woman is visited by a strange, comical bird, trying to deliver a mysterious package ...
Exploring life, death, love and loss, The Package is a soulful story without any words. Combining an original musical score with puppetry, physical theatre, animation and mask. The Package reminds audiences that no matter how old we are, the theatre – and life itself – is full of magic.
The Performance will be followed by a Puppeteering Workshop at 1pm in the City of Palmerston Library, where under the guidance of Katelnd Griffin, Kristy Schubert and Robbie Hoad participants will bring found objects to life and learn the basic skills of puppeteering and performance. 
Packed Theatre are offering a special workshop for grandparents and children based on a game called Memory Post.