Reporting graffiti to Council  

Council acts quickly to remove graffiti to help provide a clean and safe neighbourhood for our residents. Residents can help reduce graffiti in our community by reporting it when you see it.
To report graffiti that needs to be removed, use our online form.

Click here to report graffiti online

The quickest way to let us know is online, alternatively you can notify us by phone.

p: (08) 8935 9922 

Council property

Council recognises that perceptions of safety and civic pride in the community are affected negatively by graffiti and vandalism. Council is committed to keeping its property graffiti free and the expedient removal of graffiti when it occurs.

Council commits to remove offensive graffiti on council property within 24 hours and non-offensive graffiti on council property within five working days.

Non-Council property

Council recognises that there can be significant financial barriers in the removal of graffiti from private property and provides assistance to residents who wish to remove the damage.

There are two options available to residents:
Council provides a free graffiti removal kit for residents. 
These kits contain all the materials required to remove the graffiti and safety instructions on how to use them and are available from the Front Counter on the 1st floor of Civic Plaza, corner of Chung Wah Terrace and University Avenue.

Council will provide a reimbursement for the first incidence of graffiti on non-Council property via EFT for up to $50. In order for this to happen a resident must provide:

  • A receipt for products purchased to remove graffiti or paint over graffiti 
  • A completed application for reimbursement form
  • Police Report Number  

It will be at Council’s discretion should there be need for reimbursement if more than one incidence of graffiti on a property occurs.

Complete the Reimbursement Application to apply for a reimbursement.


Council recognises that a single approach to managing graffiti would be ineffective and that a holistic approach is required with an emphasis on preventative measures.

Public art and street zones

There has been considerable success in other urban areas in combating graffiti by introducing street art zones and the implementation of street art permits. Research shows that such spaces reduce the rate of unauthorised graffiti in surrounding area.


Graffiti Management Program