Sponsorship requests up to $2,000 are at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.  Sponsorship requests in excess of $2,000 are to be referred by the Chief Executive Officer to the Community, Culture and Environment Committee for consideration, followed by a recommendation to Council. No acquittal is required.

The organisation:

  • Must submit a copy of the Sponsorship Package which details all levels/categories of sponsorship including costs and benefits.
  • Must identify how the proposed activity/event/item relates to the goals and strategies in the Municipal Plan and how it benefits the Palmerston Community.
  • Is responsible for the appropriate display of Council’s branding, as deemed appropriate by the Chief Executive Officer or Council.
  • Must permit the City of Palmerston to attend funded event/program for the purpose of taking photos and/or video recording.  Council will seek permission from the individual/s photographed or recorded.
  • Include a completed Community Benefit Scheme Application Form of the appropriate Category.

Where recurring annual sponsorship is agreed upon, the organisation must comply with criteria set out in the Agreement, and Council must resolve to provide the recurring funding.

All applicants must complete the Sponsorship Application Form and attach it to the written application.