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Cartoon dog in jail


If your dog is missing, it may have been picked up and taken to the pound. Council's office hours are 8.15am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays. Pound release times are between 8.30am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.

If you think your dog is in the pound, please phone Council on 8935 9977 during business hours. You can also email us.

Please note, breeds listed below should be used only as a guideline, so please make sure you check the photo too.

Owners should ensure that they pay their registration costs and any other charges at the Council office prior to arriving at the pound.

Pound release fees can be found here. Click here to view the route to the Pound.

To register your dog, please click here.

If you find a dog within the municipality of Palmerston, contact Council on 8935 9977. All lost dogs should be reported to Council immediately.

If your dog is not shown here, please also try the RSPCA (phone 8984 3795), local vets and the Top End Lost and Found site.

Mixed Breed Mixed Breed - Male

Adult, black and blue,wearing no collar or tags. Found on Achernar Court, Woodroffe 20/3/2018.

Australian Silky Terrier - Male

Adult, black and tan, wearing a blue collar with a City of Palmerston registration tag. Found on Lockwood Court, Moulden 10/3/2018.

Staffy x Staffy x - Female

Adult, tan, wearing no collar or tags. Found at Moulden Primary School, 5/3/2018.

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