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Parks Week 2018 celebrates the vital role parks play in creating livable cities and thriving communities. The dry season is approaching and the City of Palmerston wants to spread the word about the benefits of engaging and exploring your local park:

Benefits of visiting your local park:

  • Visiting parks is good for your physical and mental well-being.
  • Healthy parks are an essential ingredient for healthy people.
  • Parks build stronger and connected communities by providing places where people come together for leisure.
  • Parks provide environmental benefits to our cities.

To learn more about Parks Week click here and to find a park near you click here to for a comprehensive list of playgrounds, BBQ’s and recreational facilities available right here in Palmerston.

We’re taking part in the Magical Park Challenge!

Magical Park is a digital game designed for kids from 6-11 years of age that uses geospatial Augmented Reality. Magical Park turns a normal park into a fantasy world that gets kids off the couch and physically active outside within safe boundaries. Magical Park is geofenced, which means the game can only be play in a selected park and doesn’t require the user to go on roads or leave the designated area. The game will be available to play from 10-25 March.

Magical Park location: Marlow Lagoon Recreation Reserve (Elrundie Ave, Marlow Lagoon)


  • The Magical Park APP size is 575MB therefore please download on WIFI before you arrive at the Park to avoid data charges. The City of Palmerston has FREE WIFI available at Goyder Square, Recreation Centre and the Palmerston Library.
  • Access to the internet is required to play the game
  • Look for signs displayed at the park for further instructions
  • Supervise your children while they play with smart devices
  • Make sure your children are wearing sunscreen and a hat when playing in parks


  1. Is there any charge to play or progress in the game? There is no cost to download the Magical Parks APP and there are no micro transactions that require kids to spend money within the APP. Download on WIFI prior to arrival at the park.  
  2. How long do kids play? The games can last on average between 30 – 60 minutes.
  3. What devices can it be used on? Magical Park works on Android and Apple iOS. It will run on most mobile and tablet devices as long as they have an inbuilt GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Compass sensor. It also needs a little bit of mobile data to identify the players location.
  4. How much data does the game use? Magical Park uses 2MB of data per game.
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