City of Palmerston

Chief Executive OfficerCoP CEO

Ricki Bruhn

Post: PO Box 1, Palmerston NT 0835
Phone: 8935 9922

Role and Responsibilities Section 101 of the Local Government Act:-
The CEO is responsible to the council:
(a) to ensure that the council's policies, plans and lawful decisions are implemented; and
(b) to undertake the day-to-day management of the council's operations (including the management of council staff); and
(c) to provide or obtain for the council the information and advice the council reasonably requires for effectively carrying out its functions; and
(d) to ensure that the council's constituency is kept properly informed about council policies, programs and decisions and to ensure that appropriate and prompt responses are given to specific requests for information; and
(e) to ensure that the council's assets and resources are properly managed and maintained; and
(f) to ensure that proper standards of financial management are maintained and, in particular, proper controls over expenditure; and
(g) to ensure that financial and other records are properly made and maintained; and
(h) to appoint, manage and, where necessary, terminate the appointment of council staff (other than the CEO); and
(i) to carry out other functions delegated to the CEO by the council or assigned to the CEO under this or any other Act.

DTS Director of Technical Services

Mark Spangler

Post: PO Box 1, Palmerston NT 0835
Phone: 8935 9922

Role and Responsibilities:-

  • Storm water drainage
  • Environmental management
  • Emergency management
  • Traffic management
  • Transport networks
  • Waste management
  • Urban amenity and infrastructure
  • Street cleaning and sanitation
  • Landscaping/irrigation control
  • Signage
  • Parks, ovals and gardens
  • Public lighting
  • Technical information (mapping, records)
  • Development input (land, buildings and subdivisions)
  • Asset services
  • Council depot
  • Law and order (by-laws)
  • Animal management
  • Council property maintenance
  • Works contract management

DCCS Director of Corporate and Community Services

Ben Dornier

Post: PO Box 1, Palmerston NT 0835
Phone: 8935 9922

Role and Responsibilities:-

  • Arts, culture, recreation and leisure
  • Library and information
  • Local history and heritage
  • Community facilities
  • Community development
  • Community planning
  • Community services and facilities (children, youth, aging, disability, indigenous, transport, housing, welfare)
  • City promotions and marketing
  • Sister Cities
  • Financial management and planning including budgeting
  • Investments
  • Financial reporting
  • Information technology/systems
  • Records management
  • Human resource management
  • Industrial relations
  • Rates and income management
  • Tourism
  • Customer services
  • Risk management and OHS
  • Grants management
  • Marketing and communications
  • Council property management
  • Palmerston market support

Organisational Chart

A Place for People

Council Offices
Civic Plaza, First Floor
2 Chung Wah Terrace,
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9922 (24 hour service)
F 08 8935 9900

Office Hours
8.15am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday
Closed public holidays

Palmerston Library
Goyder Square, The Boulevard
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9999
F 08 8935 9998

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm
Sunday 1pm - 4pm
Closed public holidays

Palmerston Recreation Centre
11 The Boulevard
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9777
F 08 8931 0122

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 1pm
Public holidays 9am - 1pm