City of Palmerston

Customer Service Standards

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Our Commitment

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Philosophy 

Everyone in the organisation will directly serve you, our customer, or support someone who does.

Our Values
  • Professional
  • Responsive
  • Personalised 
Guiding Principles

To consult with you on all key initiatives
To explain by-laws and procedures clearly
To provide assistance in a courteous and responsive manner
To apply high standards of fairness and ethical behaviour
To continuous improvement and the collection of data to do this

To always let you know the name of the individual dealing with your enquiry or issue
To maintain an effective process for resolving complaints

To keep facilities open to meet your needs
Office hours are currently 8.15am to 5pm Monday to Friday except on public holidays
Key documents and other current corporate information are available on the Internet
We have a commitment to providing services 'on line' where this is appropriate

To clearly display all fees and charges and the process for handling complaints

Improving Services

While our Customer Service Standards are a genuine statement of our intentions, we are all human and subject to failure. We will always do our best to meet the standards set, but ask you to show understanding on those rare occasions when we fall short.

We appreciate your feedback

If you have any suggestions for improving our level of service, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by:

  • Coming to the Council Office - ask for the relevant Director
  • Writing to Chief Executive Officer, Palmerston City Council, PO Box 1, Palmerston, NT, 0831
A Place for People

Council Offices
Civic Plaza, First Floor
2 Chung Wah Terrace,
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9922 (24 hour service)
F 08 8935 9900

Office Hours
8.15am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday
Closed public holidays

Palmerston Library
Goyder Square, The Boulevard
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9999
F 08 8935 9998

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm
Sunday 1pm - 4pm
Closed public holidays

Palmerston Recreation Centre
11 The Boulevard
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9777
F 08 8931 0122

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 1pm
Public holidays 9am - 1pm