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Children and Families

Palmerston is a vibrant community of families - from young to old. With an average age of 28, Palmerston's 30,000 strong population is primarily made up of families. Around 30 per cent of the population is under 15 years of age. 

Children and Families living in Palmerston participated in a movie booth at this 2015 Palmerston Festival ‘Making a Splash’. The booth was designed to capture the voice of children in our community; in line with the theme of Children’s Week 2014 ‘Children have a right to speak and be heard’, Children were asked ‘What makes them happy?’ and parents were asked ‘How they know their child is happy?’. The booth was run by an amazing group of Youth Inspiring Palmerston volunteers who interviewed over 150 children. The footage captured was made into a short film that includes positive parenting messages. Watch the video below to see what makes Palmerston Children Happy!

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