City of Palmerston

Waste collection truck with bin

The City of Palmerston is dedicated to reducing waste and providing quality services. Palmerston has twice weekly domestic waste collection and fortnightly kerbside recycling collection.

Each household is provided with one 120 litre red lidded bin for domestic waste and one 240 litre yellow lidded bin for recycling.

Unit complexes use 240 litre red lidded bins for domestic waste and 240 litre yellow lidded bins for recycling. Unit bins are collected four times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Unit recycling is collected every Thursday. Unit bins are collected from the bin enclosure and do not need to be placed on the kerb.

Missed Collection

If your domestic bin is not collected on your collection day, it may be for one of these reasons:

  • Bin is packed with heavy items (the truck is only able to lift bin of up to 80kgs)
  • Rubbish has been stacked on top of or beside bin
  • Rubbish has been jammed too tightly into bin
  • Car parked in front of your bin, and the truck is unable to gain access

Another reason recycling bins are sometimes unable to be collected is due to contamination (non recyclables in the recycling bin) or gross contamination (contamination such as un-rinsed containers or food scraps).

When it comes to recycling, it's important to make sure rinse any containers and only put recyclable items in the bin. If gross contamination in a single recycling bin is not detected before it is collected, it can cause the entire truck's load to be discarded as general waste.

Click here for more information on what can be recycled.

All bins are to be removed from the verge within a reasonable period after its collection. Rubbish bins must not permanently remain on the kerb.

It is an offence to place any domestic waste out for collection unless it is contained in a council issued garbage bin. On the spot fines may be issued to those residents who fail to comply.

For all garbage enquiries including new bin service, bin repairs, collection days or missed collection please phone Council on 8935 9950.

A Place for People

Council Offices
Civic Plaza, First Floor
1 Chung Wah Terrace,
Palmerston, NT, 0831
Palmerston, NT 0831

P 08 8935 9922 (24 hour service)
F 08 8935 9900

Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8.15am - 5.00pm
Closed public holidays

Palmerston Library
Goyder Square, The Boulevard
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9999
F 08 8935 9998

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 12pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm
Sunday 1pm - 4pm
Closed public holidays

Palmerston Recreation Centre
11 The Boulevard
Palmerston, NT, 0831

P 08 8935 9975
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Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8.15am - 5pm
Closed public holidays