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Image of Salvina weed clogging Sanctuary Lakes before removal

A weed can be an introduced species or a native species that has been moved from its natural habitat and now has a competitive advantage over indigenous plants.

The main contact for advice on legislation, policies, programs and coordination of control activities in the Northern Territory is the Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment and The Arts.

A pest can be a animal or insect that negatively impacts the environment or humans. Residents should be aware of pests in their area and take proper precautions to minimise their impact.

The following species can adversely affect humans or pets:

  • Mosquitos in the Territory can carry diseases such as Ross River, Murray Valley Encephalitis so it is important that you protect yourself and family by wearing loose, light coloured protective clothing, use deet based insect repellents and empty containers that collect water to restrict their breeding grounds.
  • Cane toads and toad can cause serious illness and/or death to pets and native species. For more information including identify signs of poisoning visit the Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts Department, particularly the following link

WEED ALERT: Sagittaria platyphylla

Sagittaria (Sagittaria platypylla) has been found in the Darwin area. This is the first known occurrence of sagittaria in the Northern Territory.

Sagittaria is a Class C (not to be introduced into the Northern Territory) weed and is a Weed of National Signficance. Sagittaria can have serious impacts on the natural environment, and in particular on wet lands and in drainage channels.

Sagittaria is a highly invasive aquatic weed that can:

  • form dense mono-cultures in water to 1m deep
  • choke wetlands and waterways
  • adversely affect aquatic biodiversity
  • reduce the visual amenity of waterways
    produce up to 20,000 seeds

Plants were discovered and found to be sold at both Darwin and Palmerston Bunnings. These plants were misidentified on the label as: Aquarium Plant Melon Sword (Echinodorus osiris)

If you have seen this plant or bought one from Bunnings, please contact the Weed Management Branch immediately on 8999 4567.

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